Popular Oscilloscopes Add IBIS-AMI, S-Parameters Modeling Support

Popular Oscilloscopes Add IBIS-AMI, S-Parameters Modeling Support

Tektronix extends the capabilities of the analysis system on its MSO/DPO70000 Series digital and mixed signal oscilloscopes to include modeling of on-chip silicon behavior using IBIS-AMI models and S-parameters. Support for IBIS-AMI comes as part of the Serial Data Link Analysis Visualizer (SDLA Visualizer) package that provides a complete set of tools for de-embedding the effects of cables, fixtures, and probes for silicon validation, system verification, backplane characterization, and embedded system performance. SDLA Visualizer also supports "what-if" channel analysis through simulating transmitter equalization and S-parameter scaling. Available now, price for the SDLA Visualizer for MSO/DPO70000 oscilloscopes is $11,000. For more details, visit http://www.tek.com/sdla  

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