Popular Magnetic Position Sensor Ups Rotation Speed And Resolution

Popular Magnetic Position Sensor Ups Rotation Speed And Resolution
ams AG

A new version of the 47 series magnetic rotary position sensors for motor and motion control applications features higher rotation speeds and higher-resolution incremental outputs. Like other members of the 47 series, the AS5047P features the company’s dynamic angle error compensation (DAEC) technology. The sensor’s maximum rated measurement speed has been increased from 14,500 rpm to 28,000 rpm, thus enabling it to support many high speed rotating shaft applications. Maximum resolution of the ABI output is raised to 4,000 steps/1,000 pulses per revolution in decimal mode, and 4,096 steps/1,024 pulses per revolution in binary mode. Now a wider range of optical encoders can be replaced by a like-for-like magnetic position sensor. The AS5047P is available now, priced at $4.63 each/1,000. For more details, go to:

ams USA Inc.
Raleigh, NC

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