Popular Image Sensor Family Delves Into Sub-Lux Imaging Applications

ON Semiconductor expands its portfolio of Interline Transfer Electron Multiplication CCD (IT-EMCCD) image sensors with options for low-light industrial, commercial, and military surveillance applications. The 4-Mpixel KAE-04471 uses larger 7.4 micron pixels than those found in existing IT-EMCCD devices, doubling the light gathering capability. The KAE-04471 is pin and package compatible with the existing 8-Mpixel KAE-08151. Other features include a 1080p resolution and 2/3” optical format. Additionally, the KAE-02152 is fully drop-in compatible with the existing KAE-02150, and both devices are available in packages that integrate a thermoelectric cooler. For more information, visit http://www.onsemi.com


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