Popular Game Controller Gets More Comfortable To Use

Popular Game Controller Gets More Comfortable To Use

APEM now offers three soft-touch elastomer handle options for its TS series Thumbstick controller. Similar in size and operation to gamepad controls, the devices are suited for military robotics, material handling, and UGV operator control units. Further expanding the product line, three elastomer actuators are now available for the TS series. They may be specified as the Option B “Castle”, Option C “Winged Hat” and Option D “Conical” from the “Option Selection” guide. Constructed from high-grade thermoplastic elastomer, the handles are resilient to water, dust, oils and UV. Providing a soft, non-slip tactile feel, the new handles are ideally suited for applications subject to prolong use. Inside a miniature package, the series features contactless Hall Effect sensing to provide up to one million lifecycles. It can be specified as a single or dual axis joystick and is available with a range of user-specified features. The series provides full EMC protection; including EMI, RFI and magnetic field. The TS series may be rear or drop-in panel mounted and is environmentally sealed up to IP69K.

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