Popular Fiber Amplifier Now Comes With Analog Output

Popular Fiber Amplifier Now Comes With Analog Output
Banner Engineering Corp.
Targeting more divers sensor applications, the company’s long-range DF-G3 fiber amplifier is now available with analog output. The amp can sense more than 3m (10 ft.) with opposed mode fibers or more than 1m (3 ft.) with diffuse mode fibers. The extra power, combined with its new analog output, enables the DF-G3 to provide increased detection reliability for contrast matching, intensity monitoring, web guiding, process monitoring, and dense sensing point environments. Other features include a simple interface, easy-to-read dual digital displays, TEACH and SET functions, energy-efficient light resistance, and cross-talk avoidance. Additionally, the sensor’s level action fiber clamp ensures stable, reliable and trouble-free fiber clamping. To learn more, go to http://www.bannerengineering.com/en-US/selectionguide/sheet/FSG Banner Engineering Corp. Minneapolis, MN 888-373-6767 763-544-3164 [email protected] http://www.bannerengineering.com

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