Popular E-Paper Display Family Extends Size Options

Pervasive Displays expands its red tri-color EPD line-up of e-paper displays with two additional sizes: 3.7-inch and wide-format 4.37-inch models that can both render high-quality images and text in red, white and black. The additional size options give designers more flexibility when choosing displays, typically for use cases where there is no access to mains power.

Unlike conventional TFT LCDs, e-paper displays only consume energy when users change what’s on the display. Maintaining a static image requires no energy at all. And as each screen update uses little energy, e-paper displays can be powered using either a small battery or harvested energy. For further illumination and revelations, peruse the 3.7-inch E2370FS081 datasheet and the  4.37-inch E2437FS083 datasheet.


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