PolyOne Collaborates with WaterStep to Increase Access to Clean Water

CLEVELAND, OH -- PolyOne Corp. announces that its recent work with WaterStep, a non-profit water purification agency, has enabled the organization to assist a greater number of disaster victims and those in need around the globe.

With a presence in more than 30 countries, WaterStep delivers water treatment, health and hygiene training and disaster relief by providing people around the world access to safe, clean water.

PolyOne's collaboration with the WaterStep team improved product design and performance for WaterStep's M-100 water purification system. Specifically, PolyOne's high impact Geon™ formulation increased durability of the system to facilitate air-drop deliveries into remote areas in distress or recovering from natural disasters. It also meets NSF potable water, UV and chemical resistance requirements.

"It was extremely gratifying for PolyOne to collaborate with WaterStep and its ongoing mission of providing access to clean water to those in need," said Michael A. Garratt, president, Performance Products and Solutions, PolyOne Corporation. "We are proud that our material and design support are contributing to WaterStep's important relief work and global outreach."

Sam DuPlessis, an engineer and WaterStep volunteer, explained, "By enabling us to produce a more durable purifier with greater efficiency, PolyOne has helped the WaterStep team to air-drop more units with greater confidence and help more people in need. This design will better serve disaster victims in the many countries that WaterStep reaches with our ongoing relief and humanitarian aid efforts."

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