Polar introduces Polar Loop 2 activity tracker

MONTREAL, Canada – Polar introduces Polar Loop 2 activity tracker. The Loop 2 builds on the well-liked Polar features, design, waterproofness, and the possibility to expand to heart rate-based training. Moreover, the Loop 2 introduces vibration alerts, smart notifications, and new colors and soft materials.

Polar Loop 2 resembles the sleek and award-winning design of its predecessor, the Polar Loop, with the same illuminating display consisting of 85 individually placed LED lights. The Loop 2 will be available in the familiar Smoky Black color made of TPU and in new colors Powder White and Sorbet Pink made of soft and flexible silicon. The wristband is customizable in size, secured with a high-quality stainless steel buckle. Designed to be worn 24/7, not only does it track the user's daily activity, workouts and sleep, it gently vibrates reminding the user to move if they have been sitting for too long. The Loop 2 even displays and vibrates for incoming calls and messages as well as calendar alerts. The Loop 2 can be paired up with Polar H7 Bluetooth® Smart heart rate sensor for live, accurate heart rate.

People leading a hectic life balancing work, family, exercising and social life can benefit greatly from the support and guidance provided by Polar Loop 2. By filling in their personal information such as age, gender and weight and choice of activity level, the user will be presented with an individual daily activity goal ensuring the most accurate activity tracking. The smart Loop 2 carefully detects daily activity, separating into five activity intensity levels: resting, sitting, low, medium and high. It also measures steps, distance, calories and sleep with highly accurate and individualized algorithms based on thorough research conducted by Polar.

Daily activity and training details can be synched to Polar Flow mobile app (iOS and Android) through Bluetooth® Smart for a quick glance at the user's activity status. The Polar Flow web service will cater a more detailed analysis and a comprehensive window to the user's fitness.

Tapping into Polar Coach adds even more value to the experience: should the user be training with a coach or a personal trainer, he or she can benefit from this free online tool to conveniently connect and share workout information. Third party connectivities with MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit generate even more added value to Polar users.

Tarja Määttä, Segment Manager at Polar said: "In developing the Polat Loop 2 we held on to the well-liked features such as design, waterproofness and support for heart rate-based training. We carefully listened to our customers, and many of the improvements are based on this feedback, including added vibration alerts for a gentle wake-up and inactivity alerts. Smart notifications have been well received in other Polar wearables, and now they will keep the Loop 2 users in the know as well. In addition to all this, we have introduced the desirable color options Sorbet Pink and the unique and trendy Powder White. The soft materials guarantee the bracelet is perfect to be worn day and night."

Polar Loop 2 will be available in retail stores and online in the United States and Canada in Powder White and Sorbet Pink in July and in Smoky Black in September for the suggested retail price of $149.99 CAD. The Loop 2 is expected to be available globally in Powder White and Sorbet Pink in September and in Smoky Black in November 2015.

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