Point Level Indicator from BinMaster

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BinMaster Level Controls

The Pro Remote capacitance probe from BinMaster Level Controls, Lincoln, NE, is designed for use in applications with high temperatures or excessive vibration, with electronics housed away from the harsh conditions that may interfere with proper probe operation. The point level indicator can be used for high-, mid-, and low-level detection of solids, liquids, or slurries using a variety of Delrin, Teflon, food-grade, flush-mounted, stubby or extended probe options. Features include a housing with a triple-thread, screw-off cover to access internal components; dual conduit entries for simplified wiring and installation; and an FDA-recognized powder-coat finish. The Pro Remote has a dual time delay that lets you set flexible time delays for covered and uncovered conditions.

Contact Info

Company: BinMaster Level Controls
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-278-4241
Fax: 402-434-9133

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