PMICs Raise Integration Bars

PMICs Raise Integration Bars
Intersil Corp.

The ISL9590x power-management integrated circuits (PMICs) support the trend toward slimmer ultrabooks while hoisting integration levels to allegedly pass current industry levels. Measuring 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm, they enable the industry’s first credit card-size motherboards for high-end ultrabook and tablet computers powered by two-cell Li-ion batteries. The single-chip ISL95908 PMIC delivers eight voltage rails to support subsystem peripheral power requirements for Intel IMVP8 platforms and the single-chip ISL95906 provides eight power rails for VR12.6-compliant systems. Both PMICs integrate a controller, power and driver MOSFETS, VTT LDO regulator, independent enable and power-good indicators, I2C interfaces, and fault protection/monitoring for eight synchronous buck regulators. Additionally, they deliver 90% efficiency. Pricing for both is $7 each/3,000. For datasheets, visit:

Intersil Corp.
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