PMC introduces a new Precision Pressure Transmitter With CANbus output

The EPT1005 Sensor is an electronically compensated pressure transmitter providing CANbus outputs in several common protocols. Pressure ranges from 1 to 20,000 psi are available. The transmitter is designed for use in rugged environments from -40 to +250ºF with shock levels to 100g and vibrations up to 10g and 2000Hz. Its small, all welded, hermetically sealed stainless steel housing is less than 1ʺ diameter, weighing just 4.5 oz.

The EPT1005 utilizes piezoresistive silicon sensor technology which PMC has been refining for more than 25 years. This features hysteresis and repeatability of <0.01% and a static accuracy of 0.1% including non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, and zero/span settings. Excellent long term repeatability is <0.1% FS/yr. A total error of ±0.3% is achieved over the temperature range of 32 to 160°F.

This new transmitter is designed specifically for use in a wide range of measurement and test applications, including development, prototype and production testing such as dynamometers, test stands, and many more. Reliability is enhanced by >300% proof pressure for most ranges.

For further information, contact:
PMC Engineering LLC
11 Old Sugar Hollow Road
Danbury, CT
(203) 792-8686
[email protected]

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