PLC on a Chip Is now IoT Enabled

FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO --- Divelbiss Corporation announces that the P-Series PLC on a Chip embedded, single chip, programmable logic controller is now IOT enabled. The P-Series PLC on a Chip In conjunction with VersaCloud M2M is a complete end to end cloud monitoring and control solution.

The advanced features of P-Series PLC on a Chip™ allows for monitoring, data logging, and control to be easily applied via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular or satellite to the VersaCloud M2M dashboard. Hardware features also included on the P-Series PLC on a Chip™ include: Ethernet communications and Modbus TCP, advanced serial communications including Modbus master and slave, enhanced counter/timer functionality, 164 digital I/O, up to eight 12 bit analog inputs and one 10 bit analog output, integrated real time clock, SD card interface, SPI ports, quadrature counter, keypad and display interface, expanded user memory on chip, accelerated scan times and 2 CAN ports.

Divelbiss EZ ladder programming software allows for easy setup and programming to communicate with VersaCloud M2M. The VersaCloud M2M portal is easily configured using drag-and-drop widgets, and an API can be developed to communicate with customer’s software, as well as sending email and messaging to required personnel.

Utilizing the Internet of Things IOT enabled PLC on a Chip™, machine control and communications with VersaCloud M2M is all included in one device. Applications include remote response monitoring, rental equipment, field testing, proactive machine maintenance, machine to machine control, data collection for predictive maintenance, plus many more.

The P-Series PLC on a Chip™ has a wide temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees C and can be embedded in electro hydraulic and mobile equipment, motor drives, HMI’s, packaging equipment, telematics, remote field applications and various other applications.

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