Play A Game And Win A Career - Or A Hundred Bucks, Or Both

Since 1998, it seems like finding just a job is a daunting, time- and energy-destroying task, let alone hoping for a career one might occasionally enjoy. On both ends there are endless self-help publications, blogs, job websites, and pointless advice available to aid one in their employment-seeking crusades. Now there is one more tool job seekers can add to their arsenal.

Yesterday, January 3, 2016, the Souletics technology company launched its free iOS app - GAME OF CHOICES II, the ultimate career test - at the iTunes app store. Damon J. Smith, pro footballer, now a software engineer, developed the game from his hard-earned experiences on the field and from corporate America. According to Smith, education, talent, and technical training are no longer enough to secure a career.  A different mindset is necessary to get ahead.

A different mindset is what the game intends to nurture. Users are presented with a career quiz and variety of career paths. They must first select from their social values and are then rewarded points for how well they handle career scenarios and so-called "life curveball questions" that pop up on each path. For help, players have access to a mentor at any time during the game. Reportedly, there is a $100 cash incentive to play the game well.

According to Business Insider, more than 80% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. As per the game’s creator, “I wanted the game to be entertaining, and maybe even a little provocative, but moreover I want it to help people make the kinds of decisions that will result in long term success.”

Smith also expects to release a version of GAME OF CHOICES II for the iWatch mid to end of this month. He says the watch version will alert wearers throughout the day to make positive choices.

For more information, visit

Or call: 916-913-9674

If anyone tries this game, I’d be curious to know if they have any results, positive, negative or neutral. Feel free to post your comments and happy hunting. ~MD

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