Platinum-Clad Anodes Live Long

Platinum-Clad Anodes Live Long
Anomet Products Inc.

The company’s line of metallurgically-bonded, platinum-clad rod, wire, and mesh anodes handle high-current outputs and are dimensionally stable for long life. Clad to niobium or titanium as rod, wire, and mesh, the anodes are available with or without a copper core for enhanced conductivity, and their low consumption rate prevents bath contamination. Platinum thickness can range from 10 to 600 micro-inches, wire and rod can range from 0.021” to 1” in diameter, and woven mesh can be 24” wide. For more information, visit  

Anomet Products Inc.
Shrewsbury, MA
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Company: Anomet Products Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 508-842-3069
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