Planar Transformers Deliver Efficient PoE

Planar Transformers Deliver Efficient PoE

Ready for power over Ethernet (PoE) and -48V network power applications, Coilcraft offers two sets of surface-mount planar transformers. The 160W PL160 Series operating between 200 kHz and 700 kHz with a nominal 48V input and the 300W PL300 Series, also operating within the same bandwidth. Both specify DCRs as low as 7.2 mΩ and leakage inductances as low as 0.2 µH. They also provide 1.5-kVRMS primary-to-secondary isolation and 0.009 inch (0.229 mm) clearance above the seating plane. For more specs and ordering details, visit for the PL160 Series and for the PL300 Series.

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