Pixim Closes $13 Million in New Funding

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA /Marketwire/ -- Pixim Inc., a leading provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras, announced that it has closed $13 million in additional venture capital funding from existing investors Mayfield Fund, Ridgewood Capital, and Tallwood Venture Capital.

Pixim intends to use the additional working capital to accelerate its growth in worldwide markets and add further market share gains. The company is investing in new product development, expanding its channel marketing programs, and broadening its sales reach.

"In this current economic climate, announcing any kind of new venture capital funding represents a noteworthy event," said Chris Adams, CEO, Pixim. "This tangible vote of confidence from our existing investors can be attributed to Pixim's continued growth and success, even within an overall down market, and with widespread recognition of the advantages that Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology offers for video security."

Pixim's Digital Pixel System image capture and processing technology works in all lighting conditions, making it the most versatile solution for numerous applications, including financial, retail, industrial, gaming, airport, port, bus and rail security. Today, Pixim's chips are designed into more than 300 camera models that ship to 90+ countries worldwide.

About Pixim
Pixim Inc. has "developed an imaging technology that revolutionizes the way video cameras capture and process images." Unlike traditional cameras, where each pixel cannot adjust to highlights and lowlights in the same scene, Pixim's patented Digital Pixel System technology empowers hundreds of thousands of pixels to act like individual cameras, constantly self-adjusting. This all-digital system enables Pixim-powered cameras to efficiently capture the whole picture, regardless of lighting condition or application, thus securing the highest resolution, natural color, and clarity while automatically eliminating image-compromising visual noise (e.g., glare and reflections). The result is more than superb image quality; it is accurate, actionable information that gives users the strength of certainty.

Visit the company's Web site for information on Pixim-based cameras. For general information, call Pixim's headquarters in Mountain View, CA, at 650-605-1107.

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