Pixelplus Unveils PM1002 for Image-Recognition Applications

SEOUL, South Korea /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pixelplus Co., Ltd., a fabless semiconductor company in Korea that designs, develops, and markets CMOS image sensors for various consumer electronics applications, announced that it unveiled the PM1002, the company's new system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor for various image-recognition applications.

The PM1002 integrates a 32-bit RISC microprocessor and on-chip memories to enhance image-recognition algorithms. Pixelplus believes the PM1002 provides cost-efficiency and reliable performance for image-recognition SoC solutions and expects that the highly customized SoC chip will allow the PM1002 to become a practical biometric solution with respect to iris-, facial-, and fingerprint-recognition for mobile and nonmobile security applications due to the small form factor, high-performance, and low power consumption exhibited in the SoC chip.

"The company's PM1002 SoC chip, combined with our image signal processing technology and CMOS image sensors based on PlusPixel2 technology, will enable us to become the total solutions provider for image-recognition applications," said Dr. S.K. Lee, CEO of Pixelplus. "The company's total solutions, consisting of the 32-bit RISC microprocessor embedded in the PM1002, which represents the main core for applications software, and also consisting of hard-wired engines to accelerate the performance of image-recognition algorithm processing, as well as comprising of our software development kit, which includes API, driver, firmware, and high-quality CIS tuning-related support based on our PlusPixel2 technology, will enable image applications system engineers to increase efficiencies and performance and reduce development time."

Pixelplus considers the PM1002 to be one of the company's most exciting new technologies and seeks to apply its SoC technology to a broad spectrum of image-recognition applications, including mobile device, security, automotive, and biometric applications, which embrace iris-, facial-, and fingerprint-recognition applications, as well as toys, medical, automotive security system, and general security and surveillance system applications. While Pixelplus seeks to apply its SoC Chip technology to a broad spectrum of image-recognition applications, the company is also currently pursuing separate joint development projects with several firms that specialize in new mobile and non-mobile security applications, which include OCR and biometric applications.

About Pixelplus
Pixelplus Co., Ltd. is a South Korea–based developer of high-performance, high-resolution, and cost-effective CMOS image sensors for use primarily in mobile camera phones. In addition to mobile phones, Pixelplus provides CMOS image sensors and SoC solutions for use in web cams and notebook embedded cameras, toys and games, and security and surveillance system applications.

As a fabless semiconductor company, Pixelplus is focused on creating proprietary design technologies to develop CMOS image sensors with sharp, colorful, and enhanced image quality, size efficiency, and low power consumption.

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