Pipeline Integrity Tester from Meriam

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Meriam Process Technologies

The PIT5000 from Meriam Process Technologies, Cleveland, OH, lets you conduct pipeline hydrostatic pressure tests, measuring pressure, ambient temperature, and pipeline temperature via the system's NIST-traceable sensors. The data are plotted on a single graph vs. time; the PC's real-time plots provide color-coded plot lines and zoom in/out control. Data sets are saved to the PC's hard drive each minute of the test program. Other features include site data entry, data logging, pump stroke counter, and limits with associated visual alarms. During the hydrostatic pressure test program, measurements are continuously displayed and a flashing red background highlights those that exceed limits.

Contact Info

Company: Meriam Process Technologies
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 216-281-1100
Fax: 216-281-0228

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