Pine Ridge Holdings Announces Acquisition of AcousTech

FORT WAYNE, IN /Marketwire/ -- Pine Ridge Holdings Inc CEO Kevin May announced that the company has entered into a purchase agreement with AcousTech Inc.

AcousTech is a high-technology company, supporting manufacturers and users of integrated circuits and other semiconductor products throughout the U.S. and internationally. AcousTech specializes in providing scanning acoustic microscopy and x-ray inspection services for an array of applications, including integrated circuits, MEMS, complex hybrids, automotive sensors, and medical implantables.

Kevin May stated, "AcousTech Inc. was founded in 1999 by Jon Roth and Kerry Oren. Jon Roth and Kerry Oren have been involved in failure analysis since 1986. They have published numerous technical papers and given presentations related to failure analysis and acoustic micro-imaging. They have been extensively involved in the development of quality-assurance programs for commercial electronics in defense applications. They come from a failure analysis background, where incoming parts ranged from microprocessors to large castings, and where acoustic micro-imaging inspection was involved in everything from commercial electronics to spaceflight hardware, from welds and brazes to silicon chip attaches."

Jon Roth, President, AcousTech, Inc. commented, "In March of 2008, AcousTech, extended its national sales network with the appointment of a focused sales representative firm, Tacit Solutions LLC, based in southern California, strengthening the company's sales and marketing infrastructure and growth initiatives. Tacit Solutions LLC has particular expertise in marketing and sales of semiconductor assembly, integrated circuit testing, and quality assurance products and services, primarily in the western U.S. Under the agreement with AcousTech Inc., Tacit Solutions LLC will deliver opportunities to provide C-SAM and x-ray testing services from the electronics industry, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, military, and telecom markets, as well as the original semiconductor chip manufacturers and IC users in 20 states.

"Tacit Solutions LLC is recognized for its capacity to deliver new customer contact opportunities and technical excellence on a national scale. I am delighted to welcome Tacit as our primary sales representative firm into our planned network of trusted sales representatives, I am confident that together we will achieve the very highest levels of service and value for our customers in their region."

About AcousTech
AcousTech Inc. was founded by former employees of ITT Corp. in Ft. Wayne, IN, to provide acoustic micro-imaging inspection (C-SAM) and x-ray analysis services for the electronics industry. Since 1986, the company founding personnel have been extensively involved in the development of quality-assurance programs and performing failure-analysis activity for military aerospace defense companies, as well as providing testing services for automotive, commercial, industrial, and telecom applications nationwide.

About Tacit
Tacit Solutions LLC was formed by Richard Guy in 2003 after working for 25 years in various high-level sales management positions at Amkor Technology, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, NCR Corp., Signetics Corp., and most recently at Integra Technologies. These companies are all involved in the manufacturing, qualification, selecting, or testing of integrated circuits in the electronics industry.

Tacit Solutions currently provides sales coverage for AcousTech in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

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