PIFA Antenna Supports Wi-Fi MIMO Applications

Laird’s FlexMIMO debuts as the industry's first flexible PIFA antenna for Wi-Fi MIMO applications. The component has two integrated 2.4-/5-GHz dual-band antenna elements designed for 802.11 MIMO applications, such as automated equipment, medical devices and a myriad of Internet of Things (IoT) use cases. FlexMIMO is based on a Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) structure, comprised of two mylar antenna elements with a foam core, resulting in a low profile, flexible antenna.


The FlexMIMO can be mounted in a wide range of applications. Laird's patented, flexible PIFA antenna structure allows it to be deployed on flat and curved surfaces, concave or convex.

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It sports a design that is about the size and thickness of a quarter. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the 2.4/5 GHz model targets 802.11n/ac/ax applications that use MIMO or Wi-Fi Diversity. Depending on user requirements, customized versions are also available. For greater illumination, peruse the FlexMIMO PIFA antenna datasheet. Also, you can learn more about the 60 Series.

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