Piezoelectric Signal Conditioner from VIP Sensors

Piezoelectric Signal Conditioner from VIP Sensors
VIP Sensors

VIP Sensors, San Juan Capistrano, CA, offers the Model 5100 light-weight, battery powered signal conditioner for piezoelectric accelerometers with integral electronics (IEPE). The conditioner provides constant current excitation, decouples the input bias voltage, and amplifies the signal to provide a ±5 V max. output; gain is switch-selectable to be 1 or 10. The device is powered by either an external power source or a 9 VDC battery and has status LEDs. Frequency characteristics range from 0.05 Hz to 100 kHz.

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Company: VIP Sensors
Phone number: 949-429-3558
Fax: 949-528-0126

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