Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors from PCB

Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors from PCB
PCB Piezotronics Inc., Aerospace & Defense Div.

PCB Aerospace & Defense Div., PCB Piezotronics Inc., Depew, NY, offers frequency-tailored Series 113B ICP and Series 102B charge-output piezoelectric sensors for measuring blast overpressure and explosion pressure in free-field or closed areas to study blast effects on structures, vehicles, and other objects. Sensors have dynamic ranges to 15,000 psi, sensitivities to 100 mV/psi, a 1 µs response time, resonant frequencies >500 kHz, and a 5 V output. Frequency tailoring provides a fast response to shock waves without high ringing amplitudes and allows the sensors to capture both peak pressure and total impulse calculations. Other applications include pulsations, closed bomb combustion, airbag testing, and dynamic pneumatic, hydraulic, and fluid pressures.

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Company: PCB Piezotronics Inc., Aerospace & Defense Div.
Country: International
Phone number: 800-828-8840
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