Piezo Audio Indicators Supplant Electro-Mechanical Devices

Transducers’ low frequency piezo audio indicators are solid-state devices intended for use as replacements for electro-mechanical audio devices that include moving parts. Deemed an innovation, the company claims it is not aware of any other audible signal device manufacturer offering this technology.


The FLIP Series (Frequency-Low, Indicator-Piezo) contains a solid-state piezo ceramic bender, instead of the electro-mechanical device, which incorporates a coil that creates the magnetic field to drive a hammer and hit a membrane that actuates the buzzer. The FLIP ceramic piezo actuates its buzzer when voltage is applied to the piezo device itself. Without moving parts, the device promises a much longer life and lower failure rate than its electro-mechanical counterparts.


Frequency of the FLIP Series audio indicators is 400 Hz ±50 Hz, and can range from 350 Hz to 450 Hz. The SPL is 95 dBA at 10 cm and voltage rating is 12 Vdc. The low-frequency indicators will activate a buzzer that sounds almost identical to the electro-mechanical counterpart. To demonstrate this, a recording of an electro-mechanical buzzer and the FLIP piezo buzzer is available for comparisons.


Transducers USA

Elk Grove Village, IL



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