Picosun's ALD Solutions Transform Battery Technology

ESPOO, Finland -- The sustainable energy economy of the future, greener transportation, and the increasing number of portable, mobile and personal electronic devices all require improved means for local energy storage. Nanostructured, solid-state thin film batteries offer a disruptive solution for this. Replacing traditionally used liquid materials in the battery with all solid layers improves the battery safety and lifetime. Thin and flat geometry makes the batteries easily integrated in e.g. wearable electronics, whereas their nanoscale tailored internal structure enables high energy storage capacity.

ALD is an ideal way to prepare the highly conformal, dense, uniform, and structurally and chemically exactly controlled functional layers in the core of the battery stack. Using PICOSUN™ ALD equipment, imec, Belgium, has now developed a solution to deposit a novel, solid electrolyte for lithium ion thin film batteries.

Picosun's manufacturing solution for the novel lithium ion battery materials consists of an ALD system integrated with a glove box and operating under argon atmosphere to eliminate airborne contamination and air-induced deterioration of sensitive precursors. Industrial scale, large volume Picohot™ 350 precursor sources allow efficient precursor evaporation in high concentrations at temperatures up to 350[o]C, with long system uptime and minimum number of maintenance breaks.

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