PicoScope Gets A New Driver

Pico Technology adds a PicoSDK driver package installer for its PicoScope oscilloscope and PicoLog data loggers for Microsoft Windows. This release adds drivers for the latest PicoScope 2000A and 2000B models and the PicoScope 4444, as well as various fixes for other drivers. The PicoSDK consists of the drivers, Programmer’s Guides and software examples that enable the development of custom applications and integration into other systems. The drivers can be used with any programming language that supports standard C calls and they provide direct control of the PicoScope and PicoLog devices. Features include:

  • Additional advanced trigger functions
  • The ability to programmatically define and output arbitrary waveforms (device-dependent)
  • The ability to specify a large number of segments for rapid block captures (device-dependent)
  • Faster streaming data acquisition rates (depending on PC resources)


A significant change in this release is the PicoSDK installer now only contains the drivers, static library files, C/C++ header files and changelog information. Programmer’s Guides and software examples are now available individually from the links given below. This will make it easier to install and update just the files you need.

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The PicoSDK installer is available free of charge with separate 32-bit and 64-bit driver package installers from the PicoTech download page. Also available for viewing and download, checkout the Programmer’s Guides. Additionally, Software examples are available in a number of programming languages and for third-party environments.


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