Photometric Converter from Optek-Danulat

Photometric Converter from Optek-Danulat
Optek-Danulat Inc.

The Control 4000 from Optek-Danulat Inc., Germantown, WI, is a microprocessor-based photometric converter designed to provide process monitoring and control when used with the company's UV, visible, or NIR absorption-based and scattered-light-based turbidity, color, concentration, and UV absorption sensors. The device provides real-time photometric conversion, factory zero point for scattered light sensors, simultaneous operation of up to 4 inline sensors, choice of units, integrated data logger, and remote process control functions. The device's software includes adjustable signal damping, 16 linearization tables, and advanced calculation capabilities.

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Company: Optek-Danulat Inc.
Phone number: 800-371-4288
Fax: 262-437-3699

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