Photoelectric Sensors from Contrinex

Photoelectric Sensors from Contrinex
Contrinex Inc.

Series 4050 background-suppression photoelectric sensors from Contrinex Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, have a 500 mm operating distance, a setting range from 20–500 mm, and a 40 by 50 by 15 mm housing. Operating distance is independent of the target color, shape, or surface structure and is set using a 3-turn potentiometer with position indication. Features include 500 Hz switching frequency, red light operation, and a quasi-linear output function with a <1 mm blind zone at 300 mm. Sensors have a glass window and a connector that may be adjusted from 0°–90°.

Contact Info

Company: Contrinex Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 866-289-2899
Fax: 860-388-3574

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