Photoelectric Sensors from Baumer

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The Baumer Group

SmartReflect photoelectric sensors from The Baumer Group, Southington, CT, are light barriers that create a closed light beam between the sensor and machine part, removing the need for a separate reflector. Using the SmartReflect principle for reliable object detection, the FNDH and FNDR 14 SmartReflect light barriers are EHEDG certified, have a SS housing, and a range of 800 mm with reflection on SS. Sensor function is not impaired by contamination or process-related changes of the machine part. The devices are optimized for SS surfaces such as those that are found in food processing or packaging machines. In adjustment mode the sensor indicates when the received light signal is qualitatively the best for reliable detection.

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Company: The Baumer Group
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-937-9336

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