Photodiode Widens Active Area

Photodiode Widens Active Area
Opto Diode Corp., a div. of ITW

Opto Diode unveils the SXUV100, a single active area photodiode spanning 100 mm2. The device permits detection to 1 nm and provides a stable response after exposure to EUV/UV conditions. Ideal apps include detection of 13.5-nm wavelengths or any high power density source monitoring between 1 nm and 150 nm. The photodiode is operational from 1 nm to 1,000 nm with peak photon responsivity at 0.27A/W (at 1 nm) and 0.33 A/W (at 850 nm). Shunt resistance at ±10 mV is 10 MΩ, capacitance is typically 6 nF, and response time is typically 250 ns. For more information, visit  

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Company: Opto Diode Corp., a div. of ITW
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