Photodiode Sports Tiny Active Area

Photodiode Sports Tiny Active Area
Opto Diode Corp., a div. of ITW

The SXUVPS4 multi-element detector with a 5 mm² active area in a quadrant configuration resists radiation damage from high intensity UV lasers and is suitable for laser alignment applications. Allegedly, it is the only commercially available detector that can withstand four days of exposure to 10 eV 1016 photons/cm2 without degradation in responsivity, which is 0.125 to 0.02 A/W over a 10 nm to 200 nm range. The large circular detection surface is optimized for precise alignment of lasers with four elements, each offering a 1.25-mm² active area. A datasheet is available at

Opto Diode Corp.
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Company: Opto Diode Corp., a div. of ITW
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