Phoenix Contact Introduces Line of Modular Fieldbus Components

ARCwire -- Phoenix Contact introduces a line of modular fieldbus components that offer connectivity from the fieldbus process controller to the field devices. The line includes a segment protector for use with both Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA and a Foundation Fieldbus power supply. Based on a T-bus connection system, the components are hot-swappable and allow easy system expansion.

The segment protectors serve as an interface between trunk cable and various field devices. The hot-swappable T-bus system makes it easy to expand the system or segment or to perform maintenance without disrupting network communications. They provide short-circuit protection to field devices and the network trunk cable.

At just 5.25 mm per spur for a 10-spur installation, the modules save significant DIN rail space. Modules start with a trunk in/out version, and expansion modules offer four spur connections. They are rated EEx nA [nL] and are approved for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations.

The power supply is certified to FF-831 and provides power to one Foundation Fieldbus H1 segment, according to IEC 61158-2. It supplies 25 V and 360 mA with minimal heat dissipation while supporting redundant 24-V bulk power. The modules are galvanically isolated and can be mounted adjacent to one another on a DIN rail without concern for spacing. Passive power conditioning provides reliability for single-segment needs. The power supply supports high-power trunk protection for hazardous locations.

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