PHASEIN Uses Hummingbird's Oxygen Sensors

CROWBOROUGH, UK -- Hummingbird Sensing Technology's partnership with medical device manufacturer PHASEIN continues to flourish with a new agreement to work together on forthcoming projects.

Hummingbird's acclaimed paramagnetic oxygen sensing technology is used in PHASEIN's ISA sidestream gas analyser range, which combines innovative PHASEIN technologies with advanced features to optimize all aspects of medical gas monitoring. Available as stand-alone plug-in-and-measure analysers or as easy-to-integrate build-in modules, the ISA Sidestream range offers all functions required for a complete multigas analyser, from an intelligent light emitting gas inlet to an advanced flow controller and a rugged micro pump.

Oxygen monitoring for the ISA sidestream is provided by Hummingbird's Pm1116 Paramagnetic Oxygen Sensor Module, a compact, digital fast response transducer designed for measurements in anaesthesia applications. Using Hummingbird's unique paramagnetic oxygen cell, the Pm1116 offers a fast, linear, accurate, highly stable and selective response in a non-depleting unit, ensuring the ISA Sidestream delivers fast response for expired breath oxygen measurement with high accuracy and reliability.

"Our relationship with PHASEIN is an exciting one and we are delighted to be working with this young and ambitious company as we continue to refine our technology offer," says Martin Cox, Business Unit Manager, Hummingbird Sensing Technologies.

"Just as PHASEIN values the core measurement stability and reliability Hummingbird brings to its processes, we value the benefits of seeing our products perform within such a high quality and flexible analyser platform. By planning future projects with PHASEIN as they grow, we look forward to a strong and beneficial partnership."

About Hummingbird Sensing Technology
With more than 20 years experience in supplying gas sensors to the medical sector, Hummingbird Sensing Technology is a division of Servomex, the world expert in gas analysis.

The leading provider of reliable, accurate and stable gas measurement solutions to industries across the globe, Servomex is an acknowledged innovator in gas analysis. Servomex is the originator of and world leader in paramagnetic sensing technology and has an exceptional reputation in the development of zirconia, photometric and thick film technologies. The result is high-performance, cost-effective gas analysis, delivered through a portfolio of dependable products ranging from portable gas analysers to complex process solutions.

Servomex is part of Spectris PLC, a leading supplier of instrumentation and controls to global markets.

PHASEIN develops, markets and manufactures ultra-compact mainstream and sidestream multigas analyzers, which can be integrated into patient monitors, anesthesia delivery systems and ventilators.

PHASEIN's products are available as stand-alone "plug-in and measure" analyzers and easy to integrate build-in modules. PHASEIN's products are designed using the latest advances in component and microprocessor technology for optimal convenience, mobility and ease of integration.

PHASEIN's vision is to become the partner of choice for those requiring a mobile and flexible solution for measuring respiratory gases in any clinical application.

PHASEIN's in-house tradition and expertise in developing gas analysis systems has resulted in the world's smallest mainstream multigas analyzer, the world's smallest sidestream analyzer and the world's smallest emergency capnometer.

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