PerkinElmer Acquires Thermal-Analysis Technology from Triton

BOSTON /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- PerkinElmer Inc. , a global leader in health sciences and photonics, announced the acquisition of a line of dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) products from U.K.-based Triton Technology Ltd. The DMA instrument is used by scientists in the polymers, pharmaceuticals, and food industries for diverse applications, ranging from simple quality control to advanced research.

"This acquisition brings our customers a best-in-class thermal analysis tool that combines ease-of-use and flexibility with powerful performance," said Robert F. Friel, President of PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. "The new DMA 8000 represents the type of novel, next-generation technology we are investing in to continually provide solutions to customers that enable them to advance the pace and precision of their research and testing."

"We believe that this transaction will allow our DMA technology to flourish in the very capable hands of PerkinElmer, while releasing resources within Triton Technology Ltd., allowing us to bring forward the development of radical new technology for the QA/QC of polymeric materials," said Glynn Van-de-Velde, director, Triton Technology Ltd. "Triton Technology will work very closely with PerkinElmer to ensure a smooth transition of the technology to the benefit of both existing and new customers alike."

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Health sciences end markets include genetic screening and environmental, service, biopharma, and medical imaging. Photonics markets include sensors and specialty lighting.

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