PennSMART Retrofit Turns Ordinary Outdoor Lights Into Smart IoT Lighting

The PennSMART Teres Smart IoT Lighting universal retrofit kit is compatible with any post-top street light fixture regardless of manufacturer. Watch the video to see how easy it is to install PennSMART's Teres retrofit kit. The Teres retrofit kit standard package includes two high-quality cameras that provide 360-degree visibility "under the trees", a gun shot sensor, speakers for streaming audio, and cost-efficient LED illumination programmable via a 4G wireless connection. Fit-to-purpose custom features include facial mapping, glass break sensors, precipitation sensors, emergency blue lights, video cameras, data collection, digital signage and more.

PennSMART Teres Benefits

• Crime prevention - sensors detect motion and sound, programmable to trigger alarms
• Police/Security notification in real-time (within 3 seconds)
• Reduces risk and potential liability
• Security surveillance "under the trees" where vision is not obstructed
• Energy and cost savings through LED lighting platform
• New levels of safety and surveillance for cities and municipalities, universities and schools, hospitals, amusement parks, senior communities, police and first responders, business owners, pedestrians, students, residents and visitors
• PennSMART Teres Features
• Cameras for security and surveillance
• Secure Wi-Fi connectivity
• Audio speakers for alerts, notifications, community broadcasting
• Sensor options (e.g. motion, gunshot, glass break, precipitation, air quality, etc.)
• Lighting controls to increase energy efficiency

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