Pendant Platform Keeps Mobile Employees Safe

Pendant Platform Keeps Mobile Employees Safe

SecuraTrac announces its next generation mPERS mobile emergency pendant, the MobileDefender™ Model S (MD-S). Developed on the same platform as the MobileDefender, it introduces extra capabilities that help to ensure the safety of those who use the MD-S and the SecuraTrac platform. Companies that dispatch employees into unknown environments and situations can rely on the MD-S to relay information about employee locations while providing them with an instant connection to help if an emergency occurs. In addition to location technologies, the MD-S offers a Fall Advisory capability. The unit can detect horizontal and vertical movement so if an employee falls on the job or is knocked over, the MD-S will trigger a call automatically. To improve battery lifespan, the MD-S was designed with a new Wake-on SOS feature that enables the PERS device to last over 30 days on a single charge because the device is off until the SOS button is activated.

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