Pelton Wheel Flow Sensor Squeezes Into Tight Quarters

The DTK series Pelton wheel flow sensor measures and monitors low viscosity liquids. Its compact pelton wheel design requires no inlet or outlet straight piping runs, allowing the device to be installed in locations where space is at a premium. The DTK employs a very simple design. A nozzle built into the inlet fitting directs flow into an impeller with embedded permanent magnets. Impeller rotation is detected by a Hall effect sensor as liquid flow causes the paddle to rotate. The sensor generates a pulse each time a magnet passes. The pulse frequency is directly proportional to flowrate. Other features include economical measurement of low flows, a stainless-steel body, frequency or analog outputs, 0.25-in. NPT fittings, a maximum pressure of 435 PSIG, maximum temperature of +176°F, and an accuracy of ±2% of full scale. A datasheet is available at


KOBOLD Instruments Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA



[email protected]

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