PEI-Genesis Announces New Distribution Partnership with Trafag Sensors and Controls

PHILADELPHIA, PA --- PEI-Genesis, assemblers of precision connector and cable assemblies, has become an authorized distributor of Trafag Sensors and Controls in North America. “This new partnership is a win-win for our two companies,” said Stephen Fisher, Chairman and CEO, PEI-Genesis. “In today’s world, at the end of nearly every cable or connector there is some type of sensor, and, with the addition of Trafag’s custom products, we can now offer customers a complete solution.”

Trafag, an international supplier of pressure transducers, transmitters, pressure and temperature switches, and a range of accessories for adapting, mounting, and diagnostics, is headquartered in Switzerland. Founded in 1942, Trafag now operates in more than 40 countries with its U.S. operations based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“We searched a long time for a technical partner who really understands their customers’ needs, are experts in interconnect technology, and has a culture that fits ours,” said Robert Kinkopf, Director of Sales and Marketing, Trafag. “PEI-Genesis has an excellent reputation and is very well-known in the industry. We are honored to partner with them.”

Both companies offer high quality solutions built to withstand harsh environments and the rigors of everyday use in industrial, hydraulics, transportation, oil and gas, shipbuilding, and other industries. Like PEI-Genesis, most of Trafag’s offerings are built to the specific requirements of the customer and project.

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