Pedigree Technologies Launches OneView

FARGO, ND --(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pedigree Technologies announced the official release of Pedigree Technologies OneView, a web-based service that gives businesses real-time visibility into operations, allowing them to locate, track, monitor and control both stationary and mobile inventory and assets worldwide—all in one place, through one system.

OneView aggregates operational information from virtually unlimited disparate sources including inventory, people and products with unprecedented efficiency. It's available in vertical applications ready for fast implementation, including OneView for Fleet and Field Services, OneView for Convenience Stores, and OneView for Suppliers, and OneView for Food Services.

"We have the perfect storm to create this solution," says Alex Warner, founder and president of Pedigree Technologies. "The combination of lower wireless and cellular communication costs, cheap sensor hardware and centralized web software allowed us to create a machine-to-machine system that previously only major corporations and government and military customers could afford."

Warner added that the now small- to mid-sized companies can have the same technology to run their fleet operations that only big operators could afford five years ago.

Cutting Costs in a Down Economy
As businesses seek solutions to save money, OneView is a smart investment because it extends the capacity of assets that a business already owns. For example, a fuel tank can send a text message to say 'I need to be refilled.' Refrigeration equipment can call a service provider and say 'my compressor is failing.' Vehicles can send an alert announcing 'I just made it to my customer location'."

Additional cost-saving features of OneView:

  • It replaces time-consuming, onsite manual monitoring with remote services.

  • Organizations can see and solve issues before they become expensive problems with automated alerts sent via e-mail and smart phones.

  • Suppliers and service providers can reduce manpower and vehicles dispatched unnecessarily, reducing redundant routes.

  • Companies don't have to purchase and manage a separate software system for each type of asset (such as equipment, vehicles, and inventory).

  • Service is delivered, managed and optimized by Pedigree Technologies experts, eliminating the need for internal IT staffing.

  • Businesses pay only for those services that their company needs, and new features can easily be added if and when the company needs them.

  • Updates are done online ("behind the scenes") by experts, minimizing downtime.

  • System is managed and updated through a predictable monthly service fee instead of high implementation and maintenance costs.

  • Companies can get the benefits of new technologies (e.g. GPS, remote asset management) without the costs and complexities of implementing it.

Platform Provides Foundation for Scalability and Customization
OneView is the culmination of three years of work by Pedigree Technologies. Its extensive experience with remote networking, smart asset optimization, and machine-to-machine technologies; the company developed the OneView Platform, a framework that's designed specifically for such services and which provides the foundation for OneView.

"OneView provides one-of-a-kind technology that empowers service providers and OEMs to enhance their offerings and save time and money for both themselves and their customers," Warner say. "It also allows them to offer new services and expand their coverage area with remote services—giving them more revenue opportunities and a competitive edge."

About Pedigree Technologies
Pedigree Technologies has more than 20 years of combined experience developing cost-effective, web-based solutions, platforms and technologies that connect wired and wireless assets to improve business performance. It delivers tailored solutions to private-sector businesses and government entities. In both 2007 and 2008, Pedigree Technologies was listed on M2M Magazine's "M2M 100" list, a coveted recognition in the machine-to-machine industry. For more information visit the Pedigree Technologies Web site or call 800-470-6581 (toll free in the U.S. and Canada) or 701-293-9949.

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