Pedestrian Impact-Detection Sensor Validated

DRAPER, Utah /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc., announced the company has received positive tests results from MGA Research that confirmed Flexpoint's Pedestrian Impact Detection System's ability to differentiate between a human leg and an inanimate object.

MGA Research is widely recognized as one of the leading independent automotive testing corporations with facilities in New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin. MGA has conducted automotive safety tests since 1980 and list the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as one of its first customers, a relationship which is strong today.

As previously announced, Flexpoint contracted MGA Research, an independent 3rd party testing facility, to analyze Flexpoint's Pedestrian Impact Detection System. MGA's analysis confirmed Flexpoint's results and its system's ability to accurately and reliably distinguish between a human leg and a pole during impact. This testing was required in the company's protocol for Stage II development and will be shared with automakers and suppliers to expedite the system to market.

"The testing focused on two main response criteria: the measurement of the speed of the response time of our sensors, and the ability of our sensors to distinguish between a hard object (such as a pole) and a soft object (such as a leg)," stated Flexpoint's Director of Engineering, David Beck. "We are very pleased to learn that MGA results independently validated our internal testing with response times faster than 1 millisecond, and the sensor response graphs were able to differentiate between hard and soft objects. Overall the MGA results confirmed our assumptions and conclusions that our Pedestrian System performs as expected."

CEO Clark Mower commented "Receiving this independent validation of our technology takes us to a new level with the automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Combining these tests results and our agreement with The Bergquist Company to mass manufacture the Bend Sensor, we are now poised to reach an automotive agreement."

"Under our current agreement with Flexpoint, The Bergquist Company is qualified and prepared to manufacture products that meet the standards required for the automotive industry as the need arises," said Bob Hartline, Vice President, of The Bergquist Company.

The Bergquist Company, headquartered in Minnesota, operates manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. The privately held firm has sales offices in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and China, and has sales representatives in 30 other countries. Founded in 1964, the company has a distinguished reputation for quality assurance, having received Supplier Awards from General Motors, Ford, and the 3M Company.

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc., has developed and patented the Bend Sensor technology. The Bend Sensor is a technological breakthrough that offers a superior solution for applications that require accurate measurement and sensing of deflection, acceleration, and range of motion. Global market opportunities include automotive, medical, industrial controls, government, health and fitness, security, computer, aerospace, transportation, and consumer products.

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