PDA-Based Vibration Analyzers from Datastick

PDA-Based Vibration Analyzers from Datastick
Datastick Systems Inc.

Datastick Systems Inc., Campbell, CA, offers the VSA-1214 and VSA-1215 vibration spectrum analyzers that combine an analyzer module attached to a Palm T|X handheld computer. The system includes Spectrum v1.6 software to collect vibration measurements and display and store them as time waveforms and FFT spectra as well as v1.6 Datastick Reporting System software. The hardware module has a low-noise analog input for standard ICP-type accelerometers and velocity sensors. The system displays and records overall vibration; ISO vibration severity alerts; acceleration waveforms with 6400-point resolution; and acceleration, velocity, or displacement spectra.

Contact Info

Company: Datastick Systems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-987-3400
Fax: 408-987-3402

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