PCD, FreightWatch Partner on Innovative Tracking Device

HAUPPAUGE, NY -- Personal Communications Devices, LLC (PCD) a leading provider of technology products to wireless carriers in North and South America, and FreightWatch Security Net (FSN), a leader in covert cargo tracking solutions, announced a partnership whereby PCD will help FreightWatch market its Geo F2 tracker and future innovative M2M tracking devices.

A covert, portable tracking and sensor monitoring device, the Geo F2 leverages cutting-edge communications technology and has the distinctive ability to operate in impaired environments. By using both GPS and cellular signals, the Geo F2 can locate objects with extreme accuracy and can be configured over-the-air for greater tracking flexibility.

"As the M2M space continues to grow, PCD is pleased to extend its partnership with FSN. The Geo F2 is one example of the unique solutions we will bring to market with FSN, helping both companies to remain at the forefront of the tracking and sensor monitoring solutions marketplace," said James Daurio, Vice President, Sales for PCD.

The FreightWatch Geo F2, like the CMA8110BK in PCD's Merca-trax line, is powered by the Qualcomm inGeo Platform, which enables unique battery hibernation capabilities, producing best-in-class operation and standby time. This innovative technology enables the Geo F2 to outperform competitive offerings in end-to-end embedded cargo tracking, covert asset location assurance, and investigative surveillance applications.

"We're excited to be continuing our relationship with PCD and leveraging the success of our first jointly marketed tracking solution, the Geo F1. As we move forward with the Geo F2 and future PCD state-of-the-art M2M products that perfectly complement FreightWatch solution platforms, we anticipate helping expand M2M technology into new markets and applications," said Bill Games, President of FreightWatch Security Net.

In 2009, PCD and FSN launched PCD's CMA8110BK which FSN branded as the FreightWatch Geo F1. The CMA8110BK is the first device in PCD's Merca-trax line of M2M and location tracking devices.

Geo F2 Key Features

  • Small, covert form factor (H) 2.5 in. x (W) 1.0 in. x (D) 0.625 in.
  • Works indoors and outdoors, even through secure containers
  • Offers exact tracking in impaired environments with no clear view of the sky
  • Provides real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Extended battery life with 'low duty cycle' hibernation
  • 3D accelerometer for motion dependent reporting rates and alerts

About Personal Communications Devices
Personal Communications Devices, LLC (PCD) is committed to bringing you the wireless world through innovative wireless devices and rich service offerings. PCD serves as a global gateway for technology partners, providing high-quality, reliable and versatile wireless communications devices including handsets, smartphones, messaging devices, netbooks, tracking devices and wireless broadband modems to carriers throughout North and South America. Product planning and development on CDMA, GSM/GPRS and HSDPA platforms, technical testing, quality control as well as marketing and warranty support are among the offerings provided by PCD that differentiate it from other wireless industry suppliers. PCD is based in Hauppauge, NY, and maintains operations and support facilities in Brea, CA and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

About FreightWatch Security Net (FSN)
FreightWatch Security Net, a subsidiary of FreightWatch Group, provides covert GPS tracking products and online "track and trace" services that help secure valuable assets like in-transit cargo and surveillance of suspect vehicles. As a specialist in portable, battery powered tracking devices that work where traditional GPS technology does not, FSN is the trusted choice of high-value shippers, the transportation industry and law enforcement agencies. Whether it is asset location assurance, supply chain visibility, or recovery of stolen goods, FreightWatch covert tracking solutions provide a reliable layer of security for a widening range of applications. FreightWatch Security Net enables a total solution for "securing global trade". Founded in 2005, FSN is based in Austin, TX and provides law enforcement and cross boarder logistics security systems to its affiliates in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Malaysia and Brazil.

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