PCB Piezotronics Announces Accumetrics Acquisition

Farmington Hills, Michigan - PCB Piezotronics has acquired Accumetrics Associates, Inc., a Schenectady, N.Y.-based supplier of data solutions for rotating equipment. The acquisition will augment in-house technology from the company's Load & Torque division to support current and future telemetry product initiatives.

Accumetrics will continue to do business from its current location as its own separate entity; however it will now operate under the name of Accumetrics, Inc., a PCB Group Company.

"PCB Load & Torque was previously an Accumetrics customer," explained Paul Goodes, general manager at PCB Load & Torque. "With Accumetrics telemetry in-house we will be much more responsive to customer requests and more comprehensive in what we offer."

Founded in 1991, Accumetrics manufactures systems that get signals off rotors reliably and accurately without interfering with the operation of equipment. Solutions involve mounting miniature robust transmitter modules on rotors where analog signals are filtered, amplified, digitized and transmitted to a nearby stationary antenna. The received signal is then demodulated back to a useful signal for analysis or monitoring.

"We have had a great business relationship with the PCB Group," said John Reschovsky, Chief Technical Officer at Accumetrics. "We serve basically the same markets, and our capabilities in applying rotor telemetry techniques to shaft torque measurements aligns with PCB's strengths in torque transducers."

For more information on PCB Group Companies, visit http://www.pcb.com and http://www.pcbloadtorque.com.


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