Patented Tech Creates Comprehensive LiDAR IP Library

Artificial perception company AEye expands its patent portfolio with eight patents covering core components of its Intelligent Detection and Ranging (iDAR) perception system, including its solid-state MEMs-based agile LiDAR, fused HD camera, and software definable AI technology. Six of the new patents relate to iDAR’s unique ability to enable software-defined frames and dynamic scan patterns. Reportedly, iDAR eliminates the constraints of the static point cloud by introducing dynamic scan modes designed to improve information acuity and minimize latency.


With iDAR, scan modes can be combined and their data aggregated, enabling an AEye iDAR-powered device to be configured according to situational demands, such as when a vehicle moving at speed encounters congestion. This results in improved perception and time-to-reaction, while significantly reducing resource overhead.


Two of AEye’s other recent patents focus on how the iDAR platform monitors and manages the laser energy of its agile LiDAR. iDAR deploys adaptive-energy control on a pulse-by-pulse basis, allowing the system to automatically adjust the energy, tuning and shaping of each laser pulse. This advanced architecture allows for both the dynamic adjustment of scan patterns and the ability to adapt the laser energy for each pulse, enabling complete interference mitigation, eye safety and retro mitigation.


AEye recently announced the AE110 for the mobility applications and the AE200 for ADAS solutions. The features enabled by the technologies covered in these patents will be available in both product lines. For greater enlightenment, visit AEye.


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