Patented Device Eliminates Refrigerator Bacteria, Mold & Odors and Extends Food Freshness

LAS VEGAS, NV – How about enjoying a healthier lifestyle by keeping fruits and veggies fresh and delicious all year long, save hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually, help preserve the environment, and quite possibly pay for itself? Introducing the BerryBreeze, deemed “the most exciting invention for the refrigerator in the last 100 years” by no less than iconic business leader Lee Ioccoca.

BerryBreeze applies patented technology to deliver activated oxygen – the same gas that protects the planet from the sun’s harmful UV rays – in order to eliminate, neutralize and sanitize undesirable microorganisms, germs, mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria, viruses and odors in the refrigerator.

Compact, lightweight and maintenance-free, BerryBreeze will not only improve flavor, appearance and aroma, but make even leftover foods taste just as fresh as they did when they were first served. And at less than $50, BerryBreeze is a true bargain that will quickly pay for itself by preserving fruits, veggies and other often-pricey foods that would otherwise soon go stale and need to be replaced.

Fighting Waste – A Fresh Technology For Preserving Foods

Every day, even the most savvy and health-conscious consumers condemn their purchased or self-grown fruits and vegetables to a refrigerated environment where they will quickly wither in the company of some 250,000 bad bacteria and harmful microbes. Add to that all of the schools, hospitals, charity food banks and military institutions likewise exposing food to this invisible bacterial cesspool and it’s clear most of the planet is caught in a vicious cycle of needlessly wasted sustenance, money and natural resources.

To help stop this troubling cycle once and for all, BerryBreeze directly addresses the reality that food doesn’t just age – it’s attacked. Microscopic organisms in the air like bacteria, fungi and mold find their way onto foods and slowly break them down at the cellular level. These microbes quite literally eat away at our food as they multiply and produce toxic waste products.

The compact, lightweight and maintenance-free BerryBreeze device (which only requires four “D” batteries to operate) gives new life to fruits, vegetables and virtually all refrigerated foods by generating activated oxygen for the initial 60 minutes of operation, then automatically switching to standby mode (170 minutes). After this process has been completed, BerryBreeze reactivates for ten minutes and then repeats the cycle for 230 minutes until the batteries need replacement (usually five to six months). Placed on the top shelf of your fridge, BerryBreeze works without requiring absorption packs or filters or using carcinogens, chemicals or harsh cleaners.

How It Came To Life

Determined to naturally extend the life of fresh fruit and produce as never before, noted entrepreneur Russ Karlen and his daughter, USC Entrepreneur of the Year Brittany Karlen Messmer – with the support of Lee Iococca and University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business’s James Ellis – created BerryBreeze three years ago to offer a long-overdue cure for “sick refrigerator syndrome.” Since then, their breakthrough product has become a must-have item among consumers, food service providers and company owners concerned about the health and welfare of their employees.

According to company President and CEO Kevin Brooks, “BerryBreeze saves the average family of four up to $2,200 per year by avoiding common food spoilage - equivalent to about $165 billion a year for all Americans. According to recent studies, the average American wastes around 40 percent of all edible fresh food, including some 280 pounds of produce annually. If we were able to prevent just 15 percent of that food from being needlessly discarded, it would be enough to help feed 25 million people. Needless to say, that would be the greatest gift of all.”

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