Partnership Provides Security for Public Facilities

SUNNYVALE, Calif. /MARKET WIRE/ -- Vidient Systems, Inc., a developer of intelligent video surveillance and analysis software that detects security breaches in real time, announced that it is partnering with Intergraph Corp., a leading provider of spatial information management software, to integrate Vidient SmartCatch with Intergraph's integrated command-and-control system to provide public security personnel full-situation awareness of their facilities.

With the integration of Vidient's intelligent video surveillance technology and Intergraph's large-scale command and control solutions, security personnel now have access to a single, simplified visual security operating picture of their entire facility, from perimeters to external vehicle entrances and parking areas to various employee and customer access points. The new integrated solution provides incident command, spatial awareness, advanced behavior recognition, and incident management. This new capability provides real-time detection of security breaches, accelerates response times to incidents, and streamlines coordination and management among the full range of safety and security agencies involved.

Intergraph Corporation is recognized as a leading global provider of public safety and security software that enables security and public safety organizations to rapidly detect and respond to critical incidents. Vidient brings to the Integraph platform an intelligent video capability in which a customer's network of CCTV cameras can monitor and recognize specific preprogrammed behaviors of people and objects that breach the facility's security policies.

"Increasingly, it's the integration of new technologies that is providing today's greatest breakthroughs in ensuring the safety and security of our public facilities," said Brooks McChesney, president and CEO of Vidient Systems, Inc. "Our partnership enables intelligent video surveillance behavior-recognition and analytics to be fully integrated with Intergraph's globally recognized security command-and-control system, providing our customers full, real-time situation awareness of their facilities."

"We provide our customers the ability to see all their security-related data in a single-operating picture that is easily shared in real-time with all the public safety and security agencies involved in response to various incidents," said Robert H. Scott, director, Security, Government & Infrastructure, Intergraph Corp. "Now, through our partnership with Vidient, our customers can enhance that operating picture with real-time video information from locations throughout their facility that gives them the ability to recognize threatening behaviors as they are happening and the opportunity to proactively interrupt potential security breaches."

Through the partnership, Intergraph will integrate Vidient SmartCatch intelligent video surveillance and analytics software with its command-and control-solutions. Intergraph's software links incident command, spatial awareness, intelligent video, employee identification, and multiple sensors into a single system and integrates with multiple security networks. SmartCatch behavior-recognition software makes CCTV cameras smarter and more accurate, enabling them to recognize suspicious, threatening behaviors as they occur and then send real-time alerts to predesignated security and safety personnel and organizations.

Vidient SmartCatch 2.5 is now in use around the world in major corporations and public facilities, as well as in major international and regional airports, including Tallahassee Regional Airport, where it is part of the TSA-funded "Airport of the Future" integrated airportwide security system; San Francisco International; San Diego International; and Salt Lake City International. SmartCatch is available worldwide through a network of channel partners across North America and a global marketing and distribution agreement with NEC.

About Intergraph Corp.
Intergraph Corp. is a leading global provider of spatial information management software. Security organizations, businesses, and governments in more than 60 countries rely on the company's spatial technology and services to make better and faster operational decisions. Intergraph's customers organize vast amounts of complex data into understandable visual representations, creating intelligent maps, managing assets, building and operating better plants and ships, and protecting critical infrastructure and millions of people around the world. For more information, visit company's Web site.

About Vidient Systems, Inc.
Vidient Systems, Inc., designs, develops, and deploys behavior-recognition software systems that enable video surveillance cameras to monitor for and detect behaviors that threaten safety and security, alerting guards in real-time, and intelligently managing event response. It is used today to monitor secure locations at major transportation facilities, corporations, and public institutions. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company was founded in 2003 and is funded by leading global venture investors Blueprint Ventures, Trident Capital, and Hotung Venture Capital. For more information visit the company's Web site.

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