Partners Perpetrate AI On Demand

Valley startup Tachyum’s partnership with Numericcal will enable its Cloud Chips to support Numericcal's Deep Neural Network (DNN) deployment technology. Tachyum's Cloud chip is a Universal Processing Platform for data center, AI and HPC workloads. With Numericcal's software leveraging the performance benefits of Tachyum's Cloud Chip, data centers will transform from a repository of information, into a service within the cloud that provides organizations and individuals with on-demand artificial-intelligence solutions.


Reportedly, Tachyum's Cloud Chip is capable of seamlessly and dynamically switching from data center workloads to various AI applications – DNN, Symbolic AI, Bio AI or General AI – and back again, based on an ever-changing mix of customer demand.  Numericcal, with its platform for deployment, optimization and management of DNN models across a multitude of HW/SW stacks, is the first alliance launched under Tachyum's new network of AI partners. For more info, visit Tachyum and Numericcal.