Partners Develop First Conformable Plastic Image Sensor

Plastic Optical Sensor

ISORG and Plastic Logic have co-developed what is being dubbed the first conformable organic image sensor on plastic. The component has the potential to balance and solve weight/power trade-offs and optical design parameters for systems requiring a digital imaging element. The sensor will be publicly unveiled at Printed Electronics USA 2013 in Santa Clara, CA, November 20/21, 2013. The collaboration involves the deposition of organic printed photo detectors (OPD) by ISORG onto a plastic organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplane, developed by Plastic Logic, to create a flexible sensor with a 4 cm x 4 cm active area, 375-µm pitch (175-µm pixel size with 200-µm spacing and 94 x 95 pixel resolution. Also, Plastic Logic optimizes the backplane design, production process, and materials to meet ISORG's requirements. A video demonstration is available at


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