Partners Advance Touch Technology

Boréas Technologies is collaborating with TDK Electronics to accelerate the most energy-efficient high-performance piezo haptic (touch-response) solutions for a broad range of applications. Boréas’ cooperation agreement with TDK Electronics, a subsidiary of TDK Corporation, focuses on the joint design and marketing of advanced touch-response solutions using TDK’s PowerHap and PiezoHapt families of piezo actuators for haptic feedback combined with Boréas’ piezo haptic driver technology.  

Simon Chaput, founder and CEO of Boréas Technologies, said, “Collaborating with TDK enables us to access their extensive sales and marketing network to accelerate the adoption of piezo haptics globally. Furthermore, this cooperation will enable faster time to market for our customers by reducing the amount of engineering required to implement a piezo haptic solution using Boréas’ driver ICs with TDK’s piezo actuators.”  

Dr. Georg Kuegerl, CTO of the TDK Piezo & Protection Devices Business Group, TDK Electronics, added, “Our partnership with Boréas Technologies is a further step to expand our market reach to customers, who are looking for superior technological haptic solutions. They will benefit from Boréas’ expert design of drivers for our wide range of piezo actuators.” 

For more details, visit Boréas Technologies and TDK Electronics.


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