Parker Showcases New Innovation in its Family of Sensor Technology

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Parker Hannifin Corporation is showcasing its entire line of sensing systems at this year’s Sensors Expo & Convention in Long Beach, Calif. at Booth #616. Parker offers a complete line of sensor products for all unique applications, including wired, wireless, and cloud-based products, as well as its newest innovation – Electroactive Polymer (EAP) technology.

As Parker continues to advance its line of technology, each member of the sensor product family will play an important role, says Parker’s business unit manager, Mario Calvo. The company is constantly working to advance its product lines, and its work with EAP technology looks to take its family of sensor products to the next level. By incorporating the stretchable, flexible EAP sensors into production, Parker looks to unlock new levels of potential in a variety of applications.

“If you have an application that requires a high strain sensor with fast response time and low cost, then EAP could be an ideal solution for your application,” Calvo says.

For a wireless system monitoring option, Parker’s SensoNODE™ product line helps users save time and money by eliminating the need for a wired infrastructure, so they can monitor their systems from a mobile device. SensoNODE Mobile utilizes Bluetooth Smart technology to deliver job-critical data to an intuitive, user-friendly mobile app while the user in on-site. Parker will soon roll out its SensoNODE Mobile App 2.0, which will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices. App improvements include:

• Alerts are easier to set up and define
• More configurable, including user alerts and data
• Better performance – connect and disconnect
• Exportable data

Parker’s SCOUT Technology pushes the wireless limits even further by allowing users to access their system data and alerts wherever they have an Internet connection via a Cloud-based system.

For a reliable wired solution, Parker’s SensoControl sensors are ideal for permanent installation in industrial and mobile hydraulic applications where continuous system monitoring is needed. These precision-engineered sensors are rugged in construction and deliver a high degree of dependability and performance with superb stability and resistance to interference.

“For facility managers, downtime is one of the biggest drivers of added costs and lost revenue, primarily due to equipment repairs that could have been prevented in the first place,” Calvo says. “Our SensoNODE and SensoControl product lines offer reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use solutions that can help businesses identify performance issues and address them before equipment failure occurs.”

Parker representatives will be on-hand demonstrating EAP and SensoNODE sensors at this year’s Sensors Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center, June 9–11, at Booth #616.

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