ParentsWare Nominated For Best Tech Startup

SAN DIEGO, CA -- After a tremendous breakout year, ParentsWare, Inc. the innovative developers of the unrivaled parental control app OurPact, is a finalist for the Best Tech Startup. OurPact, the most popular iOS app for parents, is fast approaching 100,000 active users and is soon to be launching the much-anticipated mobile app for Android. With such strides, ParentsWare secures a finalist spot for the Best Tech Startup in the prestigious 2015 Timmy Awards.

The Timmy Awards recognize the best new innovative startups and the best places to work throughout the United States. Hosted by Tech In Motion, the Timmy Awards aim to honor those companies and individuals that inspire creativity, ingenuity, collaboration, and an innovative work environment. As one of the top tech leaders in the industry, ParentsWare fits this bill perfectly. With the creation of OurPact, their app is proving to be the best parental control app for iOS and is available now for free in the App Store, providing an extremely essential product to manage screen time.

"It is very exciting for all of us at ParentsWare to be recognized. Our team has used its collective ingenuity and creativity to launch our first offering, OurPact, and have been devoted to making OurPact a robust and the most useful parenting platform. We're grateful for all who've voted for us." – Adele Hendricks, COO

Dedicated to providing parents with the best solution to teach children responsible device use, ParentsWare has revolutionized the industry by creating features that are ingenious and state-of-the-art. The savvy parental control app offers exclusive and creative ways to remotely guide and block kids' Internet usage and apps simultaneously, all from a mobile device. They have accomplished this by hiring a rock solid team of industry professionals and creating a scalable company that is stimulating, forward-thinking, and highly collaborative.

By investing millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of research, as well as working with leading child development experts, the creation of OurPact gives parents the tools to guide their kids through the balanced use of technology by teaching responsibility, while fostering their kids into the technology world of today.

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